We are a teen girls' arts education program teaching technology skills through multimedia poetry.


Written and animated by Jade Graves


Written and animated by Dasha Dedkovskaya


Written and animated by Maggie Gray


Written, filmed and edited by Rachel Schultz


Written, filmed and edited by Emilia Rossmann


*Enrollment for 2017 is now closed*

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  • Small class sizes! To give our most focused attention, we limit each class to 8-10 students.

  • Camp is held the last two weeks of July (17-28). Monday - Friday. 9am - 4pm.

  • Age Range: 13 - 17 (all girls)

  • Tuition: $489 if enrolling before June 1st / $589 after June 1st.

  • Location: Poetry Center San Jose
    (Edwin Markham House in History Park)
    1650 Senter Road,
    San Jose, CA 95112



To help artistic young women build confidence in their ability to speak and be heard. Learn more about our teaching methods.

What is Media Poetry

  A media poem is a short film that uses poetry as its sound track. Take a look at some of our favorite examples.

Thanks to our donors

pickleballcoast.com whose generous contributions provided students with powerful tools to help them realize their visions. 


Media Poetry Studio is made possible with support from History Park San Jose and the following organizations: