Media Poetry Studio takes a hands-on approach to teaching both literary arts and digital filmmaking. Students use the skills they learn to make short films based on their creative writing. They are asked to produce original material early on. Much of the learning then comes from evaluating this material. Instructors base lessons on the particular needs that arise from student work. To create their final short film, students must apply evaluation of their early work to a process of revision. Put simply, they learn by doing, thinking and doing again.

Students participate in two 3-hour sessions per day. For the first week, each session consists of a specific course: Poetry Composition, Spoken Word, Videography, Video Editing, Animation or Special Effects. The camp provides all necessary equipment and software. During the first week, students translate what they’ve learned into a rough “first draft” media poem. During the second week, students produce a more polished piece. Instructors guide students to work together as a film crew. By the end of the program, each student produces a final media poem. This final piece is a testament to her ability to find her own voice and realize her artistic vision in a cooperative environment.